DJ Sara T

By Chiluba Young / Soul Alphabet Music/ 19th May 2019



Sara T

Soul Alphabet meets Sara T

Before its corrosion and eventual demise, Junglist music was the sound of every house party and at jungle raves in the early 1990’s. Junglist stepped up the pace and became speed garage. Later in the 1990’s, the variant that became known as UK garage music. Since the early 2000’s we have been exposed to UK garage music with popular acts such as Craig David, Shanks, Bigfoot's Sweet Like Chocolate and Ms Dynamite. More recently, there’s been a resurgence of UK garage music thanks to the likes of Disclosure and Jorja smith’s popular song “on my mind” with garage producer Preditah. There’s been an increase of DJ’s and producers mixing classic garage samples with popular house music.


In a scene traditionally dominated by men, 21 year old Sara Tadesse Known as DJ Sara T, is an Ethio-Australian Producer set on dominating Perth’s underground Dj’ing scene through her experimental electronic sounds and her production mix of 90’s House and Garage music. Chatting with her at a photo shoot for Soul Alphabet’s upcoming event, she admits that she’s new to the scene but is set on making a name for herself.

Sara has also produced several tracks and one track that caught our attention was Flybeam.

Fly beam literally feels like a never ending dream, but the good kind of dreams. The dreams about an overflow of peace and solace.


Overall her music leaves us feeling like this…

By listening to more of her work, you will soon understand how her sound evolves into heavier drum and bass and her track Underwater Princess 2 displays exactly that.

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