Business is booming for Black Owned Businesses!

Soul Alphabet | 2019

Last year , Black-owned businesses grew by 400% in the U.S and most of these businesses are owned by women. According to a recent survey, Black owned businesses find it harder to obtain small business loans in already gentrified cities that have high costs of living. Black owned businesses are facing challenges that cripple their success compared to those owned by other races. It is crucial that we support small businesses, not only does it benefit the community but it also creates wealth for black families.

In Australia, there’s a lack of stats available for African owned businesses, this is likely to change in the next 5 years as the African population continues to grow in Australia. Recently, we held our biannual Soul alphabet event, Reclaim, and we wanted to showcase a range of black owned businesses we love and support in Perth, WA. Here’s a list we highly recommend you should check out and support:

  1. Aseda Lunch Bar

Plantain and beef stew: the small restaurant spicing up your Uber Eats recommendations.

If you’re ever feeling homesick and craving a wholesome meal; Aseda has you covered.  Aseda is in Balcatta, Perth WA. This west African restaurant offers fiery stews, Jollof rice at an affordable price.  Aseda have picked the perfect place to start a west African Restaurant- there isn’t a single west African restaurant in Perth serving home cooked Plantain and beef stew.

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2. KudaRachel

Ankara fabric also known as wax Prints or African prints has reemerged back into our wardrobes. The fabric is very versatile making it the perfect textile choice for hair bonnets, earrings to vibrant dresses worn by Chimamanda Ngozi. KudaRachel is a Perth based store that designs immaculately tailored clothing offering custom styled dresses for balls, weddings and more.

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3. Ayune Hair

Where do your human hair extensions come from? The Hair extensions industry has long exploited less unfortunate women, but one new company - Ayune Hair is stepping up to create transparency with their customers.  Ayune Hair offers a step by step guide on where their hair is sourced from and the women they work with are paid fairly for their hair. What Ayune hair does differently than other hair companies is that they use hair strands which are naturally collected from the women’s hairbrushes and then later processed into extensions without the use of harmful chemicals. This process allows women to earn a fair income in an industry that exploits women who are desperately looking to support their families. Often, Hair companies market the hair at cheap price at the expense of these women. As consumers, a solution to this problem in an industry that is unregulated, is to start purchasing ethically sourced human hair extensions.

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4. Nuru Tours

Nuru Tours is a travel company aiming to change the way the diaspora travel back to Africa. Nuru tours offers you the chance to travel in Africa with a travel guide there to help you navigate through the busy cities to the rural areas of Africa. It’s owned and run by African women. Their aim is to connect People in the diaspora with African youths and young creatives living in Africa. Whilst on the tour you get to experience the lifestyle of young adults in Africa. The tour also offers charity workshops to partake in whilst exploring the rural areas.  If you would like to travel With Nuru tours visit their website for more information. and follow them via their insta:

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